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What is TTIP?

TTIP stands for Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. It’s a trade deal between the EU and the US. On the surface it looks fairly innocent – aiming to make trade easier between the two regions – but underneath lie a range of worrying clauses that would undermine our democratic rights. Our political representatives are negotiating this deal on our behalf but at the moment it only serves the needs of corporations and not of ordinary people.


Clare says No

Clare is the first county in Ireland to officially oppose the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) following a unanimous vote by Clare County Council.

TTIP threatens worker’s rights, healthcare, farmers, food quality and the environment not to mention the sovereign power of democratic governments.

'In the wake of the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster in Japan in 2011 the German government decided to withdraw from nuclear power to reduce safety hazards. Vattenfall nuclear company who had been working in Germany sued the German government for 3.7 billion as this decision would affect their profits.'

'When Australia passed a law limiting cigarette advertising it was sued by British-American Tobacco and in 2012, French company Veolia, sued the Egyptian government for attempting to raise the minimum wage. The government backed down and did not increase the minimum wage.'


TTIP by Barry Finnegan